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Kijana A. Mack, Executive Director

Kijana Mack is an Executive Director in the Corporate Strategy and Energy Finance Group at Mexico Energy Partners. Kijana formed Mexico Energy Partners in 2015 to assist companies with energy procurement, energy efficiency, and infrastructure projects in Mexico.

Prior to forming Mexico Energy Partners, Kijana spent five years with Moody’s Investors Service, working in both New York and Latin America covering the mining, energy, and infrastructure sectors. Prior to joining Moody’s, Kijana was a senior member of the Capital Markets Group at Cambridge Associates, world's largest institutional investment consulting firm.

Kijana graduated with a B.S. in Finance from Morgan State University and holds an M.B.A. from Loyola University’s Sellinger School of Business. He is also a Director at Latam Energy Advisors LLC, a Texas-based energy and project finance consultancy, and is a regular contributor to various news outlets including Reuters, BN Americas, and Infrastructure Insights.

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Enectiva has an easy-to-use interface. Lower Operating Expenses With Energy Monitoring and IoT
Lower Operating Expenses With Energy Monitoring and IoT

December 25, 2020

Mexico Energy Partners helps companies to improve energy efficiency, but that needs to be followed up with continuous monitoring and management. Proper monitoring is the key to ensuring that management's plans are successfully implemented so that energy expenses remain low. We recommend the Enectiva IoT platform for energy monitoring and management.

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Identifying Risks in Energy Contracts
Identifying Risks in Energy Contracts

November 30, 2020

The number of energy options available to businesses and consumers expanded dramatically over the last several decades, but those new options also created new risks. Energy contract provisions can limit those risks, but market participants must know where to look.

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Opportunities in Natural Gas Storage - Mexico Energy Insights
Opportunities in Natural Gas Storage

October 14, 2020

End users and industrial businesses are sometimes challenged by the lack of pipeline infrastructure that shuts them out of natural gas supplies in Mexico. This is an area for potential growth as either Mexican or foreign investors can seek out opportunities to build out this needed infrastructure.

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Challenges Facing Natural Gas Developers in Mexico
Challenges Facing Natural Gas Developers in Mexico

August 31, 2020

Though the political environment poses some challenges because of an increase in nationalist rhetoric, the reality of Mexico’s current energy situation could make it difficult for the Administration to roll back reforms as quickly.

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