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Kijana A. Mack, Executive Director

Kijana is an Executive Director at Mexico Energy Partners and he advises the world's largest multinational companies on issues related to renewable energy, energy efficiency, and circular economy initiatives across North America.

Prior to forming Mexico Energy Partners, Kijana spent five years with Moody’s Investors Service, working in New York and Latin America covering energy, power, transportation, and infrastructure.

Kijana graduated with a B.S. in Finance from Morgan State University and holds an M.B.A. from Loyola University’s Sellinger School of Business. He is a regular contributor to various news outlets including Reuters, Fund Fire, and BN Americas.

Kijana advises the world's largest multinational companies on issues related to energy procurement, energy efficiency, and infrastructure projects in Mexico.

Paola Moreno, Executive Director

Paola is an Executive Director at Mexico Energy Partners, and her insights create value for clients with challenges related to renewable energy, energy efficiency, and optimizing fuel supplies. Paola also has specialized expertise on issues related to climate change, renewable energy technologies, transformer installation, and regulatory policy.

Paola holds a Master of Science in Technological Systems Management: Energy, Technology, and Policy from Stony Brook University. She also holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from the National University of Colombia.

Michael Purnell, Executive Director

Mike Purnell, Executive Director

Mike is an Executive Director at Mexico Energy Partners and is responsible for leading energy projects across multiple areas of the energy transition. A thought leader in the areas of innovation, digital strategy, and entrepreneurship, Mike has over two decades of experience in leading strategic initiatives at GE Energy that span the intersection of energy and technology.

As an executive leader at GE Energy, some of his initiatives included the commercial integration for an M&A business focused on clean air emissions technology, and leading power generation projects for natural gas, hydro, and wind energy.

Mike earned his Bachelor of Science in mechanical engineering from Mississippi State University. He also was a member of the GE Executive Leadership program.

Kijana Mack is an Executive Director in the Corporate Strategy and Energy Finance Group at Mexico Energy Partners.

Rodolfo Rueda, Legal Advisor

Rodolfo is an international business attorney with a focus on regulatory and government affairs, as well as cross-border natural resources and energy transactions. Rodolfo represents clients by identifying important regulatory considerations, develops strategies to address regulatory issues, and helps implement strategies to achieve clients' business goals. He has extensive experience in legislative activity, lobbying, and governmental affairs related to the energy sector in Mexico.

Rodolfo is an expert in renewable energy policy in Mexico, with a particular emphasis on solar, wind, and cogeneration projects. He also advises clients on international cross-border transactions, infrastructure project development, public policy, and dispute resolution in the energy sector.

Power Purchase Agreements

Power Purchase Agreements

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Energy Efficiency and IoT Monitoring

Smart solutions and sensors deliver real-time data and analytics on energy consumption so that users can constantly alter and improve operations. This can deliver savings of 15% and 55% on existing energy and maintenance costs.

Reduce Energy Consumption
Water and Infrastructure Management

Water and Infrastructure Management

Mexico Energy Partners performs feasibility studies and engineering for water treatment facilities. We manage the construction and provide financing for each project.

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The growth of renewable energy PPAs in Mexico is a testament to the country's commitment to a sustainable energy future.

Corporate Power Purchase Agreements in Mexico

Renewable Energy Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), pivotal for financing and developing renewable energy projects, enable businesses to purchase electricity directly from energy producers, bypassing traditional utility frameworks.

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Bridging Industrial Water Challenges in Mexico

Bridging Industrial Water Challenges in Mexico

The backdrop of nearshoring amplifies Mexico's pre-existing water challenges, pushing both local and national stakeholders to drive innovative solutions, bolster policies, and harness technology to meet the surging demand.

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While much of Mexico’s geothermal energy potential remains untapped, we expect the global shift to green to encourage greater investment in geothermal technologies worldwide and provide more financing for the development of Mexico’s geothermal resources.

Mexico's Geothermal Potential

As governments around the globe aim for a green transition, there has been a recent upsurge in investment in the geothermal energy sector, which we expect to encourage greater funding into Mexico’s geothermal potential.

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