Mexico Energy Partners energy efficiency studies.

Energy Efficiency

Energy Audits, Regulatory Studies, and Consumption Analysis

Mexico Energy Partners believes that the most attractive investment opportunities are generated from within. We focus on no-cost and low-cost energy efficiency initiatives which drive sustainability.  Our consultants develop energy efficiency solutions.

Energy Efficiency Audits

By meticulously analyzing your energy consumption against industry benchmarks, we identify unique opportunities for your facility to enhance efficiency. Our audits uncover potential reductions in energy costs ranging from 15% to 55% for industrial users. These savings are vital in offsetting the increasing expenses of wages and materials, contributing to your company's long-term financial health and competitiveness.

Mexico Energy Partners energy consumption and demand analysis. Reports and energy analysis for commercial plants in Mexico.

Areas of Expertise

Energy efficiency audits and assessments

Regulatory studies for corporate and global compliance standards

Clean Energy Certificates (CELs or I-RECs)

Buildings Automation Systems (BAS) Optimization

Vendor selection and management for energy efficiency projects

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Mexico Energy LEED Green Building and Energy Bill Management

Our Impact

Our energy efficiency solutions for retail, industrial, and commercial customers have a proven track record of delivering savings between 10% and 55%, depending on the age and condition of the facility. This translates into direct cost savings and elevates your company's market competitiveness, improves asset values, and reduces the overall cost of capital.

Our Insights

Understanding the Usuario Calificado Process

Understanding the Usuario Calificado Process

To become a Qualified User in Mexico a company must meet certain consumption thresholds. Entities consuming more than 1 MW (megawatt) of electricity per year can opt for this status. This threshold makes the option viable primarily for industrial and large commercial users.

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Energy Efficiency in Mexico's Steel Industry

Energy Efficiency in Mexico's Steel Industry

The steel industry in Mexico contributes significantly to the manufacturing sector and overall economy. Yet its extensive energy requirements mean that evolving toward more sustainable practices isn't merely desirable but necessary to remain competitive and compliant with environmental regulations.

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