Mexico Energy LEED Green Building

LEED Green Building

Lower Operating Expenses and Higher Asset Values

Green Building Software and Solutions

LEED Green Building Software and Solutions

Our team of expert consultants utilizes proprietary software to optimize your energy spending. We systematically identify and rank potential improvements to balance efficiency and savings against anticipated capital spending.

Energy Audits and Energy Consumption Analysis

Real-Time Energy Bill Management

Understanding the dynamic nature of energy usage, we provide real-time energy bill management services. Depending on the age and condition of the facility, our solutions can lead to savings ranging from 10% to over 50%.

Mexico Energy Insights

energy storage is a key component of the energy transition

The Potential for Energy Storage in Mexico

Renewable energy resources like solar and wind fluctuate, making energy storage systems (ESS) indispensable for balancing supply and demand. In Mexico, which has abundant solar and wind resources, energy storage facilitates the efficient use of generated renewable electricity. It smoothes out the variability and ensures a stable power supply.

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The Imperative of Energy Efficiency in Hospitals in Mexico - Eficiencia energetica en Mexico

Critical Strategies for Energy Efficiency in Hospitals

Energy efficiency in hospitals involves reducing energy consumption, optimizing operational costs, and contributing to environmental conservation. Hospitals consume approximately 2.5 times more energy than commercial buildings, making them prime candidates for energy efficiency improvements. 

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