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LEED Green Building

Lower Operating Expenses and Higher Asset Values

Green Building Software and Solutions

LEED Green Building Software and Solutions

Our consultants use proprietary software to optimize your energy spending. We identify and rank order our findings to optimize the efficiency and savings versus the anticipated capital spending.

Energy Audits and Energy Consumption Analysis

Real-Time Energy Bill Management

Our proprietary software offers a variety of features for monitoring and analyzing the financial aspects of energy usage. The platform incorporates public lists of current energy and commodity prices, as well as user-assigned values so that the cost of the energy used is immediately apparent.

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Mexico Energy Insights

Energy efficiency in Mexico's hospitality industry offers a comprehensive array of benefits, from cost savings and competitive advantage to environmental stewardship and enhanced guest experience.

Energy Efficiency in Mexico's Hospitality Industry

Hotels and resorts consume substantial energy in daily operations, including lighting, heating, cooling, and running electronic equipment. These establishments can significantly reduce their energy consumption by implementing energy-efficient practices and technologies, such as onsite solar, energy storage, high-efficiency HVAC, and energy management systems. 

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The growth of renewable energy PPAs in Mexico is a testament to the country's commitment to a sustainable energy future.

Corporate Power Purchase Agreements in Mexico

Renewable Energy Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), pivotal for financing and developing renewable energy projects, enable businesses to purchase electricity directly from energy producers, bypassing traditional utility frameworks.

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