Mexico Energy Partners

Mexico Energy Partners

Renewable Energy and Sustainable Infrastructure

Our energy procurement solutions create value for manufacturers, industrial companies, and multinationals operating in Mexico.

Independent Energy Experts

Our expertise includes energy procurement, power purchase agreements, project management, and energy efficiency. We are committed to delivering tailored solutions that meet each client's unique needs, helping them achieve lower energy costs, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and increase profitability.

Your Trusted Partner in Energy Management

We serve diverse industries, from manufacturing and hospitality to real estate, transportation, and agriculture. Our clients, which include manufacturers and multinationals operating in Mexico, trust us to provide them with the market intelligence they need to make informed decisions about their energy consumption and carbon reduction initiatives.

Our Solutions
Onsite generation, also known as distributed generation, is a viable option in Mexico. Distributed generation in Mexico is classified as any system with a capacity below 500 kWp. The big advantage is that permits are not required for onsite solar systems

Energy Procurement

We manage the entire Request for Proposal (RFP) and procurement process for renewable energy. Our comprehensive services include supplier selection, Qualified User registration, and meter installation, ensuring a seamless transition towards renewable energy sources.

Cost Efficiency and Predictability with Power Purchase Agreements

Our team of energy experts is dedicated to providing you with the highest level of service. We leverage our deep understanding of Mexico's energy markets to provide you with strategic insights and practical solutions that drive results.

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Mexico Energy Partners is an energy consulting firm specializing in the electricity and power markets in Mexico.

Onsite Solar

Your roof is an underutilized asset that could save you 20% to 40% off your utility bills. With Mexico's high irradiance, solar panels on your rooftop can generate substantial amounts of clean energy, reducing your dependence on the grid.

Mitigating Business Disruptions with Onsite Solar

Solar power mitigates business risks associated with potential power grid failures and delivers substantial savings thanks to the declining costs of solar technology and high levels of irradiance found in Mexico.

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Feasibility studies and engineering solutions for water treatment facilities

Water Management

Feasibility studies and engineering solutions for water treatment facilities

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Our Insights

Energy efficiency in Mexico's hospitality industry offers a comprehensive array of benefits, from cost savings and competitive advantage to environmental stewardship and enhanced guest experience.

Energy Efficiency in Mexico's Hospitality Industry

Hotels and resorts consume substantial energy in daily operations, including lighting, heating, cooling, and running electronic equipment. These establishments can significantly reduce their energy consumption by implementing energy-efficient practices and technologies, such as onsite solar, energy storage, high-efficiency HVAC, and energy management systems. 

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The growth of renewable energy PPAs in Mexico is a testament to the country's commitment to a sustainable energy future.

Corporate Power Purchase Agreements in Mexico

Renewable Energy Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), pivotal for financing and developing renewable energy projects, enable businesses to purchase electricity directly from energy producers, bypassing traditional utility frameworks.

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Onsite Solar and Energy Storage in Mexico

The Benefits of Onsite Solar

Distributed generation in Mexico is classified as any system with a capacity below 500 kWp. The big advantage is that permits are not required for onsite solar systems below 500 kWp.

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Identifying Risks in Energy Contracts

Identifying Risks in Energy Contracts

The number of energy options available to businesses expanded dramatically over the last several decades, but those new options have also created new risks.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Energy Procurement

Frequently Asked Questions About Energy Procurement

For qualified users in Mexico, virtual PPAs can provide savings of 10% to 20% based on the location of the facility, market conditions, and the tenor of the PPA.

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