Lower Operating Expenses With Energy Monitoring and IoT

December 25, 2020

Mexico Energy Partners helps companies to improve energy efficiency, but that needs to be followed up with continuous monitoring and management. Proper monitoring is the key to ensuring that management's plans are successfully implemented so that energy expenses remain low. We recommend the Enectiva IoT platform for energy monitoring and management.

Sensors Provide Real-Time Data to Lower Energy Costs

Effective energy usage monitoring is the first step to making optimal energy management decisions, and the Enectiva IoT platform offers numerous options to significantly reduce energy consumption. Real-time monitoring via sensors connected to manufacturing equipment allows companies to see where energy is being wasted so that issues can be identified and resolved.

Reports can also show energy and water usage data by month, or by system, to further identify ways to reduce costs. As a bonus, the platform can record modifications to buildings and when they occurred, making it easier to compare data across time and decide when to replace old systems.

Enectiva can incorporate local temperature data, which helps companies discover where they require more efficient heating and cooling systems or better insulation. In other cases, monitoring will reveal when and where companies need employees to reduce their energy usage.

Automated Energy Management Improves Profitability

Enectiva also allows businesses to take the next step and automate many energy management duties while accessing information remotely. In a traditional system, it is often necessary to go to physical meters at remote locations to get readings. With Enectiva, users can remotely access data on temperature, electricity, humidity, moisture, and gas usage. That saves time, money, energy, and assists with product compliance. What is more, companies do not have to dedicate employee time to constantly monitoring these readings. Enectiva allows its users to set up automatic notifications when energy use exceeds preset levels or batteries run low.

Real-time Energy Bill Management Improves Profitability

Enectiva offers a variety of features for administering the financial aspects of energy usage. The system incorporates public lists of current energy prices, as well as user-assigned values, so that the cost of the energy used is immediately apparent. More importantly, Enectiva includes an advanced invoice management system for accountants. The software also features the ability to analyze energy-related savings and project future savings and cash flows.

Intuitive Web Platform Lowers Energy Spending

Many early efforts at automated energy monitoring and management relied on complex software programs, but Enectiva has an easy-to-use interface that is accessible via the web. Crucially, a web-based platform can be accessed by anyone, anywhere, using any device. That makes it simple to monitor systems in the field using the tablet or smartphone of your choice without having to return to a desktop running Microsoft Windows in an office. It is also easy for multiple users in different places to stay on the same page with Enectiva.

Cost Savings of up to 60% for Buildings and Industrial Plants

Enectiva is designed to be used by facility managers, building owners, and property managers. Most importantly, Enectiva allows the creation of an unlimited number of user profiles with varying levels of privilege. For example, an office building owner could let renters access their own energy use information without giving them access to other data. This support for the separation of functions is crucial for many practical applications. Customization to meet the needs of specific businesses is what makes Enectiva such an effective energy management and monitoring solution. Contact us today for more information about Enectiva in Mexico.

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