HMT-1Z1 Validation Kit (5 pack)


$29,999.00 $31,200.00

Validation Kits are designed to ensure successful deployment out-of-the-box.  An Intrinsically Safe HMT-1Z1 Five Unit Validation Kit is specially designed for restricted zones and recommended for:

  • Field services teams
  • Mandatory for the mining, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and energy sectors
  • Maintenance and repair operations teams
  • Logistics and materials handling teams
  • Manufacturing assembly teams

     The Five Pack Kit contains:

    • (5) HMT-1Z1 with Wall Charger & Non-Removable 3400 mAh Battery
    • (5) MSA Front Brim Hard Hat w/ Clips
    • (5) Ear Bud Hearing Protection Headphones
    • (5) Ear Bud Foam Tips Sample Pack (Small, Medium, Large)
    • (5) Semi-Rigid Carrying Case
    • (5) 64GB MicroSD Card (SanDisk Extreme®)
    • (5) RealWear Baseball Cap w/ HMT mounting clips

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